What defines us?

Mission statement

Rangin Rezin Company helps artisans to produce products with higher quality and lower cost in an easier way by providing products for chemical modification.

The values of Rangin Rezin Company

High quality
Continuous progress
Respect for individuals

The path we came

The date of establishment

This complex was first developed in 2000 under the name of Sang Rangin under the managing management of engineer Hossein Afshari, using the high knowledge and expertise of its managers, and made chemical modifications of the stone processing In 2003, he started producing other chemical products under the name of Rangin Resin.

Managers of this company by integrating experience and knowledge in the field of construction industry and other related industries، They work as innovative creative companies with the aim of meeting the needs of today's construction industry and construction stone producers.

On the way to progress

In the beginning, the focus of this collection was exclusively on the production of stone finishing chemical products (mastic stone), but over time, the scope of its activities expanded.

In compliance with professional ethics and laws and regulations, Rangin Rezin experts have produced other products and provided services to their customers, including these products: Modified epoxy resins and epoxy hardeners, specialized polyester resins, stone glue and some catalysts.

Hope for the future

This production company located in the Shokohiye industrial town of Qom is trying to launch a production line of some engineering materials، localize these cases in accordance with international standards and take a big step in the self-sufficiency of our beloved country.

We try to be as we say

Years of activity and experience in paint and resin manufacturing companies and industrial coatings prompted the managers of this group to establish a specialized company to solve industry problems Do.

Quality Products

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  • به منظور کاهش هزینه های حمل و نقل مشتریان گرامی، در صورتی که محصول درخواستی نزدیک به حداکثر بار قابل حمل خودروهای باربری (تریلر، کامیون، کامیونت، وانت) باشد، توسط ماشین های باربری ارسال و در غیر این صورت توسط شرکت کالا ارسال خواهد شد.
  • شما میتوانید محصول مورد نظر خود را مستقیما از شرکت و یا نزدیک ترین نمایندگی تهیه فرمایید.
What is our suggestion for you؟

We help you increase your profits

We help you improve your products quantitatively (by reducing waste) and qualitatively with chemical modification methods (using polymers). As a result, the cost that defective or low quality products impose on you will decrease and your profit will increase.

Quantitative increase of products

Increasing the quality of products

Increase profit

Cost reduction