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Epoxy glue 310

Introduction of epoxy adhesive Colored epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue based on epoxy and is used to glue surfaces of different materials. Ease of use and high adhesion strength have made this product a reliable adhesive in construction and industrial applications. It should be noted that the heating of the product during the polymerization operation acts as a catalyst in the process. Colorful epoxy resin is a paste and matte adhesive and is used to connect all kinds of stones, wood, glass, ceramics, metals and building materials. The characteristics of the product include high adhesion strength, easy use, high thermal tolerance, relatively fast drying and dimensional stability.

Planting glue 301 (epoxy-mortar)

Two-component resin colored implant adhesive, which is based on epoxy. This product is used to plant rebars and encarbolts inside concrete . Another feature of this product is that it can be used in all seasons according to different temperature ranges. Resin color implant adhesive can be used for rebar joints after installation with a diameter of 8 to 40 mm. Even under seismic load and with a useful life of 100 years .

stone glue 10 kg

Resin colored stone glue is a unique product for adhesion of mineral surfaces.